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Avengers Halloween costumesFeaturing stellar reviews from the critics and a box office which sets it in the all times-hall of fame, The Avengers is, beyond doubt, 2012’s cinematographic treat. Available in 3D, IMAX and IMAX 3D, the movie is the latest and most spectacular Marvel Studio production.

The story behind The Avengers was inspired by the eponym Marvel comics and it involves (re)activating a powerful “army” of warriors with special powers meant to protect the earth from high risk terrestrial and extraterrestrial attacks. The mission, initiated by S.H.I.E.L.D (Strategic Hazard Intervention Espionage Logistics Directorate) under the direct command of Nick Fury, is triggered by Loki’s theft of the Tesseract and his threats to subdue the Earth.

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The Avengers brings together some of the most popular super heroes:

  • Captain America, a superhero from World War II, struggling to find his place in a world that is far from the one he knew
  • Ironman, the eccentric billionaire seeking to balance his ego with selfless acts of bravery
  • Thor, the Asgardian crown prince, protector of the Earth
  • Hawkeye, an incredibly skilled archer-sniper working for S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • Black Widow, a seductive and highly trained spy
  • Hulk, the monstrous creature which can tear apart entire neighborhoods when angry

With diverse features, skills and views on life, the team starts the mission with minimum chances of success, especially when none of them seems willing to give up their own priorities and flawed egos.

Yet, once the personal egos and individual prides have been put aside by the death of a S.H.I.E.L.D agent, the heroes overcome their petty disputes and function like a Swiss clock. With excellent co-ordination and a bit of luck, the Tesseract is returned to Asgard, Loki is taken as a war prisoner, and the Avengers take their separate roads until the next time duty calls (but not until eating their shawarma!)

Boosting a fascinating story and a plot development that leaves the public with no time for popcorn breaks, the Avengers will sure be a hot inspiration for Halloween costumes this year! Breathing the air of innovation, yet still remembering of the classical superhero movies, director Joss Whedon and the Avenger gang can offer plenty of costume suggestions for you and your friends.

Below you can find a detailed list of Avengers-inspired disguises as well as some suggestions about how to best achieve your looks this Halloween.

thor avengers costumeThor

Thor is the crown prince of Asgard and brother of the evil Loki. His image was inspired by Norse mythology from where Thor can call thunder and lightning through his magic hammer, Mjolnir. Torn between fraternal love and duty, the Asgardian prince chooses to put his strength and skills in service of Good and save his beloved Earth from extraterrestrial enslavement.

If you want a rebel superhero look, dress up as Thor this Halloween. Whether you choose an already made costume with muscle torso and metallic molded accessories or you go for a hand-made Thor disguise, there are some details which make the difference.

The long red cape adds drama to any Thor outfit, while the hammer is essential to access all your powers.

The Incredible Hulk

Aggressive and hard to master, he is the most controversial member of the gang. Initially summoned on S.H.I.E.L.D.’s headquarters to localize the Tesseract based on gamma radiations, Dr. Bruce Banner shows his other side as Hulk. A superhero with great destructive potential and high risk of becoming a villain, the Hulk proves great self-control, managing to fight against the Chitauri army along with the other Avengers.

If you want a dramatic disguise that will instantly get noticed, the Hulk costume is a proper choice. The muscular green top, the torn pants and the green face featuring that scary grin will certainly prompt you in the spotlight.

Available in child, adult and plus size, the Hulk costume is sure to be a hit this Halloween. For a complete disguise get a silicon or rubber mask that will cover your face and give you that Hulk look.

The Avengers Hulk costume iron man costume

Iron Man

He knows what he wants and that is to not get involved in another conflict with a bunch of freaks! He is not a team player, yet, destiny has something else prepared for Tony Stark (Ironman). Billionaire, playboy, genius and philanthropist, Stark is also one of the best warriors in the world, so there was no way he could be left out of the amazing crew of the Avengers. His traditional red power suit emanates power, strength and wealth – much like the man within.

Tony Stark, however, never really sees himself as a hero, but as a sequestered industrialist with lots of toys. He must overcome his temper, industrial ego and personal demons to not only become a vital part of the Avengers, but also become a self-sacrificing, caring person who genuinely helps others (and the planet) without expecting anything in return – in other words, a superhero.

Black Widow

The only woman on the team, Black Widow (Natalia Romanoff) does not possess superpowers but she sure knows how to compensate through her innate fighting skills. Boosting an incredible intelligence, a unique skill to manipulate others, remarkable strength and the ability to unite the other members, Black Widow is a fresh presence and an indispensable member of the Avengers crew. Dressed in a right black costume, she sure knows how to get attention! Any Avenger team needs a Black Widow, so make sure you join your friends as agent Romanoff this Halloween.

Black Widow Costume Hawkeye costume


Confident in his skillsets, this master archer knows how he can best help his superhero mates. Hawkeye (Clint Barton) is captured by Loki, who controls his mind and determines him to work for the dark forces at the beginning of the movie. Barton helps Loki plan the attack against S.H.I.E.L.D.’s aircraft carrier. Finally freed from Loki’s power by Black Widow, Hawkeye is ready to take his place along the Avengers to deter Loki’s plans.

Captain America costume

Brave and strong, Hawkeye is sleek in a black and red suit and black pants. With a wicked high-tech bow and arrow combination, he makes for the world’s top sniper. Pair it with Black Widow (these two definitely have a history together) for a great couples costume.

Captain America

Awake after 70 years of sleep, Captain America still tries to find a place in a world which has changed dramatically since his age of glory. Yet, nothing is insurmountable for the Captain! If you like the classic stars and stripe costume, the Captain America disguise is a perfect choice for Halloween and the 4th of July.

For a more accurate look, choose a muscle molded costume. With such an appealing physique, great courage, incredible intuition and amazing heart, there is no wonder why so many women have a crush on the Captain.

Nick Fury Avengers costumeNick Fury

Nick Fury, ageless, a colonel from World War II, CIA operative and spy, leads S.H.I.E.L.D. with a strong and capable hand. Fury knows the strong and weak points of each one of his superhero “soldiers”. Even though he lost one eye, he sees everything and envisions the danger like no other.

Be the strong hand behind the Avengers and help avoid a tragedy! A pair of black trousers, grey blouse and a long leather jacket will help you recreate Nick Fury’s look. Complete the disguise with an eye patch and you are ready to take the leading position in the battle for the world.

Loki Avengers costumeLoki

Vain, proud, evil and lusting for the throne of Asgard, Loki seeks revenge of his elder brother, Thor, and seeks to gain power through whatever means possible. Loki is one of the most intelligent, conniving and manipulative bad guys in any superhero movie. Gaining an alliance with the alien Chitauri, he chooses Midgard (Earth) as his battleground, and sets himself up to lose … so he can win! (Huh?)

That’s right, guess who won in the Avengers movie? That’s right, Loki! Along with a glimpse of the evil mastermind Thanos at the end of the film, Loki got exactly what he wanted – a free trip back to Asgard … and a perfect setup to the sequel!

Loki has an awesome costume, and the actor who plays him, Tom Hiddleston, calls Loki a “crazy, creepy Gothic rock star.” Wear black pants, a black shirt and coat, attach it a green cape and wear a pair of golden horns, and you are ready to subdue the human race … just for fun!

Regardless if you need an individual Halloween outfit, a pair of couples costume sor a group disguise, The Avengers is the most fashionable source of inspiration for Halloween 2012!

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